It’s true a hot water heater can explode. It’s not something many people think about because it rarely happens. However, it’s not something you have to worry about too much. Here’s a look at how hot water tanks can erupt.

How Hot Water Tanks Can Explode

For a hot water heater to explode, heat and pressure have to build up extremely. Both these things need to build up to create explosive conditions. Too much of one or the other isn’t enough to cause an explosion. Nevertheless, one buildup can create an environment for the other element to build up.

It’s not hard to figure out how it can all happen. Liquids that heat up too much will attempt to turn into a gas. If there’s not enough space for the liquid to turn into gas and expand, the pressure in the tank will build up.

That pressure can eventually cause the tank to break, and once the break occurs, the rapid expansion of the gas will happen suddenly and abruptly. That’s how the explosion occurs.

A hot water heater explosion can vary from mild to severe. Mild can mean a damaged hot water heater that needs repairs or replacement. It can also mean some damage to your home you must repair. Severe can mean the loss of a home or even a life.

But, you shouldn’t worry. How often do you hear about hot water heaters exploding? It’s one of those things that can happen but rarely does. You have a few things working in your favor.

What’s Keeping Your Hot Water Tank from Exploding

Your hot water heater comes with temperature and pressure relief valves. These valves serve to let out both excessive pressure and excessive heat. These valves represent the first line of defense against an explosion. Occasionally checking them to see if there’s excessive leaking should alert you to any potential issues.

The thermostat helps control temperature. If the thermostat shows a temperature outside the operational parameters of your hot water heater, there’s a problem. If it’s too high, there’s a good chance your tank has too large a heat buildup.

Professionals Help Prevent the Possibility of a Hot Water Tank Explosion

Many issues that can lead to an explosion start with the installation of your hot water heater. From there, unprofessional maintenance or repairs can create or fail to note issues. Hot water heaters require professional installation and professional repairs.

Your water heater also requires maintenance. Professional maintenance ensures there’s no buildup in your hot water tank that can lead to an explosion or other issues. Always use a professional plumbing service for hot water tanks and all else involving your plumbing.