A random number generator is typically used for many online bingo activities and other gaming functions. You can play various games on a casino site with random number generator technology deciding what you will come across in a game. This is interesting to see, but you should watch for what you are getting into when finding a game that offers this setup.

How This Works

An RNG works by offering a simple layout to help with keeping the content on a site running right:

  1. A generator will use a computer program that analyzes the numbers that may be drawn in a game.
  2. An algorithm is used in the program with a seed value attached to some operation within a computer. An operation inside the program will trigger a number based on various processes or actions.
  3. As the program works, it will create a result based on the number it produces. For bingo, this entails listing the particular number that would be drawn at a given time.

This is an organization you might find on many websites like what you will see at TheBingoOnline.com. This is interesting for how well bingo games can be operated regularly without having to use any physical materials for a draw.

What about Hardware?

A hardware-based operation may be used for getting a random number generator to work:

  1. A hardware-based program will use digital snapshots of noise that occurs naturally in an area.
  2. The noise would be used to determine a specific number based on what is found.
  3. The setup produces numbers without the risk of any repeating patterns. In other words, it might be harder to predict what numbers will come out of this option.

You can check a site like Reviewbridge.com to see what is available for bingo or casino sites that use hardware-based RNGs to keep them running well. This is interesting for how well a great program can work for many needs. It also offers a more unpredictable layout.


  • A random number generator replaces the need for a traditional draw at a bingo game.
  • The generator can work with as many numbers as desired. This may be based on the program used for it.
  • The generator seed helps to create as many results as needed. Sometimes it can omit previous results based on what is read at a given time.
  • An RNG can be programmed for various types of games. This could work for 30 and 75-ball bingo games alike among many other variations commonly found on a site.


  • There is a potential for the generator seed on some programs to repeat the same results.
  • The computer-based approach might not be a true replacement for a physical draw on a site.


A random number generator is surely something you will come across when playing on any gaming site, especially if you are playing bingo. It is an intriguing form of technology, but it is not fully perfect as there are software and hardware options alike. Be aware of what you might come across when playing bingo with an RNG.