Are you considering updating your interior design for home improvement purposes or just to stay on the cusp of current looks within your family and common spaces? Experts predictions for 2018’s hot interior living room design trends are leaning towards natural and simplistic looks ranging from floors and ceilings to accent furnishings. Here are five up-and coming ways to modernize your living room for the New Year.

1. Embrace a Modern Color Palette

If you’re into interior fashion, you might already have an exquisite start in your home concerning 2018’s interior home color trends. Last year’s heavy favor towards grays and neutral browns and taupes continues—with a twist. Secondary hues of black, blue, white, oranges and deep yellow hues create an eye-popping zest to existing shades and create perfectly balanced color schemes to your living room.

2. Simplistic and Geometric Furnishings

Big, oversized furnishings are gone with the wind, as elegant, simple designs sweep onto the scene to bring living spaces a fresh, organized and cohesive feel. High-tech metal styles and minimalist Scandinavian decor are making a strong comeback along with retro-modern designs as stylish and durable home interior furnishing options.

3. Express Your Style with Statement Ceilings

Those looking to spruce up their interior design for home aesthetic pleasure solely, may appreciate the resurgence of statement ceilings in 2018. Whether you opt for three-dimensional medallions, tiles, or wooden beams in your living room, you’ll have an instant conversation piece and focal point to complement the space. Statement ceilings can also be painted or stenciled on, which is a cost-effective design option.

4. Attract the Eye with Natural Elements

Create inviting fireplace surrounds, appealing walls and cozy floors by incorporating natural stones such as granite, slate, limestone and marble. Bring the outdoors indoors to embrace this trend using beautiful materials that will stand the test of time. Choose materials that complement your region’s natural resources and location for a timeless, classic look.

5. Velvet, Suede and Leather Decor

Soft and inviting materials such as suede, velvet and leather in muted and neutral hues will be popping this coming year. More than just an option for couches and chairs, consider these materials when choosing decorative rugs, curtains and ornamental wall hangings. The hottest options concerning colors are grays and beiges that will complement this year’s trending living room paint colors.

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